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Definition of: impracticable

(im·prakti·kə·bəl) adjective
1. Impossible or unreasonably difficult of performance.
2. Unserviceable.
3. Hard to get on with; unreasonable; intractable: said of persons.
ti·ca·bil′i·ty, im·prac′ti·ca·ble·ness noun
Synonyms: impossible, impractical, intractable. That which is impossible cannot be done at all; that which is impracticable is theoretically possible, but cannot be done under existing conditions. Impractical, which strictly means not practical, is coming into frequent popular use as the equivalent of impracticable, but the difference should be maintained; an impractical man lacks practical judgment or efficiency; an impracticable man is difficult to deal with (compare OBSTINATE, PERVERSE); an impractical scheme lacks practical fitness, is theoretic or visionary; an impracticable scheme has some inherent difficulties that would insure its failure in action. Antonyms: easy, feasible, possible, practicable.

Most often used phrases:

proved impracticable
impracticable due
found impracticable
considered impracticable
totally impracticable
technically impracticable
impracticable fixed
impracticable scheme
administratively impracticable
utterly impracticable

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Phrases starting with the letter: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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