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Definition of: involute

(invə·loomacrt) adjective
1. Complicated by reason of the intertwinings or the interrelation of parts or elements.
2. Bot. Having the edges rolled inward, as a leaf.
3. Zool. Having the whorls nearly or quite concealing the axis, as a shell; also, coiled spirally, as certain antennae. Also in′vo·luted.
noun Geom. The curve traced by a point on a line as the line unrolls from a fixed curve.
[<L involutus, pp. of involvere involve]
Involute AC is formed by the locus of point P (at P1, P2, P3, P4) as line BC unrolls from curve BA. Length of the tangent to the curve (P1 Q1, P2 Q2, etc.) from any point on the involute AC is equal to the length of the curve to the point of tangency (AQ1 = P1Q1; AQ2 = P2Q2; etc.).

Most often used phrases:

involute shell
involute gear
smooth involute
involute shells
involute gears
moderately involute
involute possibly
involute compressed
compressed involute
involute profile
involute curves
bud involute
involute teeth
circle involute
involute smooth

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