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Definition of: nurse

(nûrs) noun
1. A female servant who takes care of young children: in the case of one who suckles an infant, called a wet–nurse; otherwise, less frequently, a drynurse.
2. One who suckles a babe.
3. A person who cares for the sick, wounded, or enfeebled, especially one who makes a profession of it.
4. One who or that which fosters, nurses, protects, or promotes.
5. One of various sharks, as the nursehound (genus Ginglymostoma).
6. Entomol. A sexually incomplete bee or ant, etc., whose duty it is to care for the young.
v. nursed, nurs·ing v.t.

1. To take care of, as in sickness or infirmity.
2. To feed (an infant) at the breast; suckle.
3. To feed and care for in infancy.
4. To promote the growth and development of; foster; cherish.
5. To use or operate carefully; preserve from injury, damage, or undue strain: to nurse a weak wrist.
6. To try to cure, as a cold, by taking care of oneself.
7. To clasp or hold carefully or caressingly; fondle.
8. In billiards, to keep (the balls) in a close group so as to score a series of caroms.

9. To act or serve as a nurse.
10. To take nourishment from the breast.
11. To suckle an infant. See synonyms under CHERISH. [Earlier nurice <OF <LL nutricia <L nutrix <nutrire nourish, foster]

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