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Definition of: orange

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(ôrinj, or-) noun
1. A large, round, juicy fruit (technically a berry) of a low, much–branched, evergreen tree (genus Citrus), with a reddish–yellow rind enclosing membranous divisions and a refreshing, sweetish or subacid pulp.
2. Any of the trees yielding this fruit, as the Spanish sour orange (C. aurantium), the sweet orange (C. sinensis).
3. Any of many related species, such as the trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata).
4. The kumquat.
5. The osage orange.
6. A reddish–yellow color; also, a pigment of this color.
—mandarin orange
A mandarin (def. 2).

1. Reddish–yellow.
2. Pertaining to an orange. [<OF <Provençal auranja (infl. by aur gold), earlier (n)aranja <Sp. naranja <Arabic nāranj <Persian nārang]

Definition of: Orange

(ôrinj, or-; Fr. ô·rändotzh)
1. A former principality of western Europe, now a part of SE France, although the title has remained with the Dutch princes of Orange.
2. Its former capital, a city of Vaucluse department, SE France.

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