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Definition of: parallel

(parə·lel) adjective
1. Not meeting or intersecting, however far extended: said of straight lines or planes.
2. In projective geometry, meeting at infinity.
3. Having lines or surfaces lying in the same or about the same direction.
4. Having a like course; conforming in action.
5. Essentially alike; similar.
6. Music Separated by the same interval: parallel fifths.
7. Having sides parallel to one another.
8. Electr. Connected between like terminals, as a group of cells, condensers, etc.

1. A line extending in the same direction and being equidistant at all points from another line.
2. Essential likeness.
3. A comparison tracing similarity, as between persons.
4. A counterpart.
5. Any person or thing ranked as equal to another; a match.
6. A trench dug parallel to the outline of a fortification.
7. A degree of latitude.
v.t. ·leled or ·lelled, ·lel·ing or ·lel·ling

1. To place in parallel; make parallel.
2. To be, go, or extend parallel to.
3. To furnish with a parallel or equal; find a parallel to.
4. To be a parallel to; correspond to.
5. To compare; liken. See synonyms under COMPARE. [<MF parallele <L parallelus <Gk. parallēlos <para- beside + allēlos one another]

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