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Definition of: peer

(pir) v.i.
1. To look narrowly or searchingly, as in an effort to see clearly.
2. To come partially into view: The sun peers over the horizon.
3. Poetic To appear. ♦ Homophone: pier. [Cf. obs. pear, pere, aphetic var. of APPEAR]

Definition of: peer

(pir) noun
1. An equal, as in natural gifts or in social rank.
2. An equal before the law.
3. A noble; especially, a member of a hereditary legislative body. In the United Kingdom, a duke, marquis, earl, viscount, or baron; also, an archbishop or a bishop having a seat in the House of Lords. Until 1922 peers were of three classes: Peers of the United Kingdom, all of whom sit in the House of Lords, Peers of Scotland, and Peers of Ireland.
4. Obs. A companion; mate; associate; also, rival. See synonyms under ASSOCIATE.
—House of Peers
Brit. The House of Lords.
♦ Homophone: pier. [<OF per <L par equal]

Definition of: peer

(pir) noun Scot.
1. A pear.
2. A peg top. ♦ Homophone: pier.

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