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Definition of: along

(ə뀇lông, ə뀇long) adverb
1. Over, through, or following the length of in time or space; lengthwise.
2. Progressively onward in the course of motion.
3. In company or association: with with: I came along with my cousins.
4. Together; side by side: The donkey came along all the way.
5. Advanced in age or duration: well along in years.
—all along
The whole time; from the outset.
As well as; in addition to.
—right along
—to get along

1. To manage in spite of difficulties.
2. To go away: Get along with you!
3. To exist together in harmony: Her cat and dog get along very well.

1. In the line of; through or over the length of: The ship sailed along the coast.
2. At points throughout or over the length of: Trees are planted along the road.
3. During the course of; throughout: along the track of centuries. [OE andlang]

Most often used phrases:

located along
runs along
found along
north along
south along
built along
running along
lies along
east along
run along
area along
along side
situated along
west along
ran along

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Statistical data

"along" has the frequency of use of 0.0328% on en.wikipedia.org.

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