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Definition of: dog

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(dôg, dog) noun
1. A domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis familiaris), of world–wide distribution and many varieties, noted for its adaptability and its devotion to man. ◆ Collateral adjective: canine.
2. One of various other species of the family Canidae, as the dingo, etc.
3. The male of the dog and various other animals of the Canidae: a dog fox.
4. In the western United States, a prairie dog.
5. Mech. Any small device that holds or grips; a catch, detent, or pawl.
6. The hammer of a firearm.
7. An andiron.
8. Meteorol. A sundog or fog dog.
9. A fellow; man–about–town: a gay dog.
10. A scoundrel; rascal.
11. U.S. Slang A hot dog.
12. plural Slang Feet.
—dead dog
Slang A person or thing of no use or value.
—to put on the dog
U.S. Slang To make a pretentious display.
adverb Very; utterly: used in combination: dogtired.
v.t. dogged, dog·ging

1. To follow persistently; hound; hunt.
2. To fasten with or as with a dog or catch. [OE dogga]
Nomenclature for anatomical parts

Definition of: Dog

(dôg, dog)
1. Either of two southern constellations, called Canis Major and Canis Minor. See CONSTELLATION.
2. Sirius, the Dog Star.

Most often used phrases:

mad dog
black dog
dog named
dog breeds
dog food
pet dog
dog show
dog breed
sled dog
dog night
red dog
wild dog
cowardly dog
hound dog
hunting dog

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"dog" has the frequency of use of 0.0047% on en.wikipedia.org.

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