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Definition of: fox

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(foks) noun
1. A burrowing canine mammal (family Canidae, genus Vulpes) having a long, pointed muzzle and long bushy tail, commonly reddish-brown in color, noted for its cunning. The common European red fox (V. vulpes) is reddish-brown above and white beneath, with a white-tipped tail. It inhabits a burrow, and preys on poultry, rabbits, etc. The North American red fox (V. fulva) is a similar species of which the cross fox (having a dark cross mark on its back) and black or silver fox are color varieties. The gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) is found from Pennsylvania southward, and differs in habits from the red. ♦ Collateral adjective: vulpine.
2. The fur of the fox.
3. A sly, crafty person.
4. A small rope made by hand of two or more rope yarns.
5. Obs. A sword.

1. To trick; outwit.
2. To make drunk; intoxicate.
3. To stain, as paper or timber, with a reddish color.
4. To make sour, as beer, in fermenting.
5. To repair or mend, as shoes, with new uppers.

6. To become drunk.
7. To become sour.
8. To become reddish in color. [OE]
(Average length 2 feet; tail, 13 inches; height, 13 inches)

Definition of: Fox

(foks) noun
One of an Algonquian tribe of North American Indians, formerly inhabiting the neighborhood of Green Bay, Wisconsin: combined with the Sacs, 1760.

Definition of: Fox

(foks), Charles James,
1749–1806, English statesman; opposed American policy of George III.

1624–91, English preacher; founded the Society of Friends.

1705–74, first Baron Holland, British statesman.
—John Williams,

1863–1919, U.S. novelist.

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