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Definition of: bay

(bā) noun
1. A body of water partly enclosed by land; an arm of the sea.
2. A recess of low land between hills.
3. Land partly surrounded by woods. ◆ Homophone: bey. [<F baie <LL baia]

Definition of: bay

(bā) noun
1. A space in a barn for storing hay or fodder.
2. Engin. A principal compartment or division, as the space between two piers or pontoons of a bridge.
3. Archit. a A division of a window between adjacent mullions. b Part of a vault between transverse ribs or of a ceiling between panel beams. c A vertical division of an arcade, as the space between two adjacent pillars.
4. The head of a canal lock.
5. Naut. The forward part of a ship between decks on each side: commonly used as a hospital.
6. Aeron. a A compartment in the body of an aircraft: a bomb bay. b A portion of the fuselage between adjoining struts, bulk-heads, or frame positions. ◆ Homophone: bey. [<F baie <bayer gape, ult. <LL badare]

Definition of: bay

(bā) adjective
Reddish-brown: said especially of horses.

1. A horse (or other animal) of this color.
2. This color. ◆ Homophone: bey. [<F bai <L badius]

Definition of: bay

(bā) noun
1. A deep bark or cry, as of dogs in hunting.
2. The situation of or as of a hunted creature compelled to turn on its pursuers.
3. The condition of being kept at a standstill or in check by an opponent, quarry, etc.
—at bay

1. Cornered; with no escape.
2. Held off: He kept his attackers at bay.
—to bring to bay
To force into a position from which there is no escape; corner and force to fight.

1. To utter a deep-throated, prolonged bark, as a hound.

2. To utter as with this bark: to bay defiance.
3. To pursue or beset with barking of this kind so as to bring to bay. ◆ Homophone: bey. [Var. of abay <OF abai a barking; ult. origin uncertain; in sense "at bay" appar. <OF tenir a bay hold in suspense <LL badare gape]

Definition of: bay

(bā) noun
1. Laurel (def. 1): also called baytree.
2. A laurel wreath, bestowed as a garland of honor, especially on a poet.
3. plural Fame; poetic renown.
4. The bayberry.
5. Any of several plants resembling the laurels.
6. U.S. Dial. Low marshy ground abounding in bay and other shrubs: also bay-gall (bāgôl′). ◆ Homophone: bey. [<F baie <L baca berry]

Most often used phrases:

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san francisco bay
bay buccaneers
thunder bay
guantanamo bay
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Statistical data

"bay" has the frequency of use of 0.0155% on city-data.com forum

"bay" has the frequency of use of 0.0102% on en.wikipedia.org.

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