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Definition of: bridge

Our photo definition of Bridge photo

Our photo definition of bridge photo

(brij) noun
1. A structure erected to afford passage for pedestrians, vehicles, railroad trains, etc., across a waterway, a railroad, a ravine, etc.; a raised support.
2. Naut. An observation platform or partial deck built across and above a ship's deck for the use of the officers, the pilot, etc.
3. Something likened to a bridge.
4. The arched or central portion of the nose.
5. The part of a pair of spectacles or eyeglasses crossing over or resting upon this portion of the nose.
6. A block for raising the strings of a musical instrument, as a violin or guitar.
7. Anat. The pons Varolii.
8. A low, vertical, crosswise division wall, as in a boiler setting or a metallurgic furnace.
9. A mounting for holding false teeth, attached to adjoining teeth on each side.
10. Electr. A device used in measuring electrical resistance.
11. In billiards or pool, the hand or a notched support for a billiard cue, used when a player is about to strike a ball.
12. In the theater, a platform immediately inside the teaser, for suspending lights and providing space for electricians, etc.
—to burn one's bridges
To cut off all possibility of retreat.
—suspension bridge
Any bridge in which the roadway is hung from cables strongly anchored over towers and without support from below. See also under BASCULE, CANTILEVER, DRAWBRIDGE, PONTOON.
v.t. bridged, bridg·ing

1. To construct a bridge or bridges over.
2. To make a passage over or across by a bridge; get over. [OE brycg]
Brooklyn Bridge spanning East River, New York

Definition of: bridge

(brij) noun
A card game similar to whist, except that the dealer, or his partner (the dummy), has the right to name the trump. Odd tricks vary in value according to the suit declared. Partners first scoring 30 win the game. Also BRIDGE WHIST.
—auction bridge
A variety of the game of bridge, in which, instead of the dealer or his partner having the declaration, it goes to the player who undertakes to score the highest number of points.
—contract bridge
A variation of bridge in which the declarer, if successful, scores toward game only the tricks named in the bid; the awards are high, and failure is heavily penalized.
—duplicate bridge
The game of bridge, auction bridge, or contract bridge in which a series of hands is played over again, each side holding the cards previously held by its opponent.
[Origin uncertain]

Most often used phrases:

covered bridge
new bridge
railway bridge
road bridge
street bridge
london bridge
memorial bridge
railroad bridge
river bridge
bridge road
stone bridge
bridge street
arch bridge
brooklyn bridge
pedestrian bridge

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"bridge" has the frequency of use of 0.0123% on en.wikipedia.org.

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