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(dumē) noun plural dum·mies
1. Colloq. One who is dumb; a mute; hence, a stupid person; dolt.
2. A silent person, as an actor without a speaking part.
3. A figure used by a ventriloquist.
4. A comparatively noiseless steam locomotive without a blast pipe.
5. A dumbwaiter.
6. A thing made to represent something else; a model; a figure on which clothes can be displayed.
7. A figure stuffed with straw or sawdust, used in bayonet practice; also, a similar figure used by football players in tackling practice.
8. In certain card games, an exposed hand played by the opposite player; also, the player to whom that hand has been dealt.
9. A person who represents another in a transaction, but who poses as acting for himself; a straw man.
10. Printing A model book, usually blank, made up as a pattern.
—double dummy
Whist or bridge as played by two persons, each playing two hands, one of which is exposed.

1. Sham; counterfeit.
2. Silent.
3. Having no explosive charge: dummy ammunition.
4. Made to resemble some object, but having no real use; artificial: a dummy door.
v.t. dum·mied,·my·ing
To lay out (printed matter) as a guide for making up.
—to dummy up
U.S. Slang To become silent.

Most often used phrases:

test dummy
dummy variable
dummy edit
wooden dummy
ventriloquist s dummy
dummy variables
dummy records
dummy text
living dummy
dummy hand
ventriloquist dummy
dummy hoy
dummy load
dummy half
dizzy dummy

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"dummy" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on en.wikipedia.org.

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