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Definition of: partner

(pärtnər) noun
1. One who takes part or is associated with another or others; a sharer.
2. One of two or more persons associated by contract for the carrying on of a commercial, manufacturing, or other undertaking with their joint capital, labor, or skill.
3. One of two persons united in some enterprise, as marriage, a dance, or a game.
4. plural Naut. Framing pieces surrounding a mast to strengthen and relieve the deck from strain. See synonyms under ACCESSORY, ASSOCIATE.
—secret or sleeping partner
One who is inactive and unknown in the business.
—silent partner
Strictly, one who is inactive, though he may be known to be a partner. The terms silent partner and dormant partner are often interchanged.

1. To make a partner or partners.
2. To be or act as the partner of. [Var. of PARCENER; infl. by PART]

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