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(bom) noun
1. Mil. A hollow projectile containing explosive, incendiary, or chemical material to be discharged by concussion or by a time fuze.
2. Any similar receptacle, of any shape, containing an explosive: a dynamite bomb.
3. Geol. A roughly shaped spherical or ellipsoidal mass of lava hurled from a volcano during an explosive eruption.
4. An unexpected occurrence.
5. U.S. Slang A complete failure; flop; dud; disaster.
6. Football A long forward pass. See also GRENADE, MINE, SHELL,
—aerial bomb
Any bomb dropped from an airplane.
—atomic bomb
A bomb of formidable destructive power, utilizing the energy released by the continuing fission of atomic nuclei, especially those of radioactive elements, as uranium: also called A-bomb, atom bomb.
—chemical bomb
A bomb which discharges noxious chemicals, fumes, and the like.
—de-molition bomb
A high-explosive bomb used to destroy buildings and installations.
—depth bomb
A drum-shaped bomb which explodes under water at a desired depth: used against underwater mines and submarines: also called ashcan; depth charge.
—fragmentation bomb
A shrapnel-like bomb for use against ground troops and personnel.
—hung bomb
A bomb that fails to be released from an aircraft.
—incendiary bomb
A bomb filled with any of various inflammable materials as gasoline, oil, powdered magnesium, etc.
—robot bomb
A high-explosive bomb equipped with a jet-propulsion engine or rocket mechanism permitting it to travel under its own power after being launched on the target: also called guided missile, pilotless plane. Also buzz bomb, flying bomb, rocket bomb.

1. To attack or destroy with or as with bombs.

2. U.S. Slang To fail utterly. [<F bombe <Ital. bomba <L bombus loud sound <Gk. bombos hollow noise]

Most often used phrases:

car bomb
nuclear bomb
bomb attack
bomb exploded
bomb wing
bomb group
bomb squadron
time bomb
bomb explodes
bomb attacks
bomb blast
bomb disposal
roadside bomb
bomb explosion
bomb squad

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"bomb" has the frequency of use of 0.0022% on city-data.com forum

"bomb" has the frequency of use of 0.0029% on en.wikipedia.org.

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