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Definition of: fission

(fishən) noun
1. The act of splitting or breaking apart.
2. Biol. Spontaneous division of a cell or organism into new cells or organisms, especially as a mode of reproduction; cell division.
3. Physics The disintegration of the nucleus of a radioactive atom initiated by bombardment with nucleons or gamma rays, leading to the formation of nuclei of more stable atoms and the release of energy.
4. In astrophysics, the breaking up of a large gaseous body into separate masses subject to mutual attraction: regarded as the possible origin of binary and double stars. [<L fissio, -onis <fissus, pp. of findere split]

Most often used phrases:

fission products
spontaneous fission
fission product
binary fission
fission bomb
fission weapon
fission reaction
fission yeast
fission reactions
fission reactor
fission weapons
undergo fission
fission fragments
boosted fission
fission reactors

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Statistical data

"fission" has the frequency of use of 0.0002% on en.wikipedia.org.

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