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Definition of: drop

(drop) noun
1. A globule of liquid; also, a very small quantity of anything, as of a beverage.
2. Anything that resembles or hangs like a drop of liquid, or that is made in drops or by dropping; a pendant earring, small piece of candy, etc.
3. A fall; the distance fallen; a sudden change of level; descent.
4. Any one of various contrivances that drop or depend, or are employed in lowering, as the drop curtain of a theater; also, in the theater, a drop scene.
5. Mech. a A forging machine, b A press used for forging, stamping, etc.
6. A trap door; especially, the platform of a gallows.
7. plural Any liquid medicine given by the drop.
8. Naut. The vertical depth of a course on its central line.
9. A letter–drop.
10. A fall in prices: Stocks took a drop.
—at the drop of a (or the) hat
At once; with little or no hesitation or provocation.

—to have the drop on
To have the advantage over; specifically, to have (a person) covered with a gun before he can draw his.
v. dropped, drop·ping v.t.

1. To let fall in drops.
2. To let fall in any way; release and let fall; lower.
3. To give birth to: said of animals.
4. To say as if casually or incidentally: to drop a hint.
5. To write and send (a note, etc.) hastily and informally.
6. To bring down or cause to fall, as by tackling, striking, or shooting.
7. To stop treating of or associating with: to drop a subject or a friend.
8. To leave at a specific place, as from a ship or vehicle.
9. To omit (a syllable, letter, or word): He dropped the von from his name.
10. To sprinkle with drops.
11. Slang To lose (money or the like), as in gambling.
12. U.S. To discharge (an employee); to dismiss (a student).
13. Naut. To outdistance; sail away from.

14. To fall in drops, as a liquid.
15. To fall rapidly; come down.
16. To fall down exhausted, injured, or dead.
17. To crouch, as a hunting dog at sight of game.
18. To come to an end; cease; stop.
19. To fall into some state or condition: to drop into a habit.
20. To fall behind or to the rear: often with behind or back. See synonyms under FALL.
—to drop down
To move down a stream or along a coast, as a vessel.
—to drop in
To happen in, as for a call.
—to drop out
To leave; withdraw from.
[OE dropa]

Most often used phrases:

drop out of
drop me
drop dead
drop zone
voltage drop
pressure drop
vertical drop
drop goal
i ll drop
drop kick
first drop
significant drop
drop tanks
drop back
sharp drop

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"drop" has the frequency of use of 0.012% on city-data.com forum

"drop" has the frequency of use of 0.0032% on en.wikipedia.org.

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