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Definition of: cry

(krī) v. cried, cry.ing v.t.
1. To utter loudly or shout out; exclaim.
2. To proclaim loudly and publicly; advertise loudly, as goods or services.
3. Archaic To beg or implore: I cry you mercy.
4. To affect (one) in §ome specified way by weeping: to cry oneself to sleep.

5. To speak, call, or appeal loudly; shout; yell.
6. To utter sounds of grief and lamentation; weep; sob.
7. To weep or shed tears inaudibly.
8. To make characteristic calls: said of animals. See synonyms under CALL, ROAR.
—to cry down

1. To disparage.
2. To silence or put down by cries.
—to cry quits
To declare to be even, or that neither has the advantage.
noun plural cries

1. A loud or passionate utterance; a call; shout; yell.
2. The act of weeping.
3. An earnest appeal; entreaty.
4. Advertisement by outcry; proclamation: the hawker's cry.
5. General report or rumor; common saying; public opinion.
6. A pack of dogs; hence, in contempt, a company of persons; party.
7. A subject or topic made temporarily important for political purposes; watchword; party phrase.
8. A word or phrase to rally men in battle; war cry.
9. Demand; requisition: a cry for clean streets.
10. The characteristic call of a bird or an animal.
—a far cry
The farthest distance over which a cry can be heard; hence, a long way.
—in full cry
In full pursuit, as hunting dogs when baying in chorus.
[<F crier <L quiritare call out]

Most often used phrases:

don t cry
rallying cry
cry baby
cry me
me cry
cry wolf
cry freedom
doves cry
i ll cry
people cry
cry no more
won t cry
wanna cry

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