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(pärtē) noun plural ·ties
1. A body of persons united for some common purpose, as political ascendency; a political organization; also, partisanship.
2. A social company or gathering: a tea party.
3. Mil. A small company or detachment of soldiers: a firing party.
4. Law One of the persons named on the record in an action either as plaintiff or defendant; a person interested, as in a contract, deed, suit, etc.: a party to a suit.
5. One concerned in or privy to a matter: He was a party to the affair.
6. Colloq. A person.
7. Obs. A cause or interest; side. See synonyms under SECT.

1. Of or pertaining to a political party: party platforms.
2. Divided into or consisting of parts, or of different parties; composite.
3. Her. Divided; parted: said of a shield. [<OF partie, orig., fem. pp. of partir divide <L partire <pars, partis a part]

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