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Definition of: appeal

(ə·pēl) noun
1. An earnest entreaty for aid, sympathy, or the like; prayer; supplication.
2. A quality or manner which elicits sympathy or attraction.
3. A resort to some higher power or final means, for sanction, proof, or aid.
4. Law a The carrying of a cause from a lower to a higher tribunal for a rehearing (see COURT OF APPEALS under COURT), b The right to do this, c A request to do this, d A case so carried.
4. In old English law, the accusation of a criminal by an accomplice.
5. In any parliamentary body, a reference to the house of a disputed decision made by the chairman. See synonyms under ADDRESS, PLEA, SUIT.
1. Law To refer or remove, as a case, to a higher court.
2. Archaic To challenge.

3. To make an earnest supplication or request, as for sympathy, corroboration, or aid.
4. To awaken a favorable response; be interesting: Does this idea appeal to you?
5. Law To remove a case, or request that a case be moved, to a higher court.
6. To resort or have re-course: with to: to appeal to reason to solve a difficulty. [<OF apeler <L appellare accost, call upon, var. of appellere <ad- to + pellere drive]

Most often used phrases:

commercial appeal
appeal court
final appeal
mass appeal
democratic appeal
visual appeal
criminal appeal
popular appeal
public appeal
appeal tribunal
aesthetic appeal
appeal held
personal appeal
appeal process
appeal board

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"appeal" has the frequency of use of 0.0038% on city-data.com forum

"appeal" has the frequency of use of 0.0034% on en.wikipedia.org.

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