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Definition of: dispute

(dis·pyoomacrt) v. ·put·ed, ·put·ing v.t.
1. To argue about; discuss.
2. To question the validity, genuineness, etc., of; controvert.
3. To strive for; contest for, as a prize.
4. To resist; oppose.

5. To argue.
6. To quarrel; wrangle.

1. A controversial discussion; a verbal contest.
2. An altercation; wrangle; quarrel. See synonyms under ALTERCATION, FEUD, QUARREL. [<OF desputer <L disputare <dis- away + putare think]
Synonyms (verb): antagonize, argue, battle, combat, contend, contest, controvert, debate, discuss, oppose, quarrel, question, reason, wrangle. Persons may contend either from mere ill will or self-interest, or from the highest motives; “that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints,” Jude 3. To controvert is to argue wholly on the negative side, urging considerations against an opinion, proposition, or the like. One may argue and discuss without an opponent. We may question or discuss a proposition without reference to any one's advocacy of it, but to contend, debate, or dispute implies an opponent. A dispute may be personal, fractious, and petty; a debate is formal and orderly; if otherwise, it becomes a mere wrangle. Compare ARGUE, CONTEND, QUESTION, REASON.

Most often used phrases:

dispute resolution
content dispute
resolve dispute
legal dispute
dispute page
editing dispute
ongoing dispute
naming dispute
border dispute
contract dispute
boundary dispute
dispute arose
territorial dispute
alternative dispute
dispute section

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