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Definition of: contend

(kən·tend) v.t.
1. To maintain or assert in argument: with an objective clause.

2. To debate earnestly; dispute.
3. To strive in competition or rivalry; vie; to contend for a prize.
4. To struggle or fight in opposition or combat. [<L contendere <com-together + tendere strive, strain]
Synonyms: antagonize, argue, battle, combat, compete, contest, cope, dispute, fight, grapple, oppose, strive, vie, wrangle. See ARGUE, OPPOSE. Antonyms: see synonyms for AGREE, ALLOW.

Most often used phrases:

critics contend
also contend
scholars contend
historians contend
supporters contend
sources contend
authors contend
i d contend
opponents contend
experts contend
researchers contend
advocates contend
theory contend
people contend
thought contend

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Statistical data

"contend" has the frequency of use of 0.0006% on city-data.com forum

"contend" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on en.wikipedia.org.

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