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Definition of: analogy

(ə·nalə·jē) noun plural ·gies
1. Resemblance of properties or relations; similarity without identity.
2. Any similarity or agreement.
3. Biol. A similarity in function and superficial appearance, but not in origin: opposed to homology.
4. Logic Reasoning in which from certain observed and known relations or parallel resemblances others are inferred; reasoning that proceeds from the individual or particular to a coordinate individual or particular, thus involving both induction and deduction.
5. Ling. The formative process by which words take on inflections or constructions that are imitative of more familiar words and existing patterns without having undergone the same true linguistic development; as, the past tense of climb changed from the strong form clomb to the weak form climbed on analogy with the weak verbs. [<F analogie <L analogia <Gk. analogia <analogos proportionate, conformable <ana- according to + logos proportion] Synonyms: coincidence, comparison, likeness, parity, proportion, relation, resemblance, semblance, similarity, simile, similitude. Analogy is specifically a resemblance of relations; a resemblance that may be reasoned from, so that from the likeness in certain respects we may infer that other and perhaps deeper relations exist. Parity of reasoning is said of an argument equally conclusive on subjects not strictly analogous. Coincidence is complete agreement in some one or more respects. Similitude is a rhetorical comparison of one thing to another with which it has some points in common. Resemblance and similarity are external or superficial, and may involve no deeper relation. Compare ALLEGORY. Antonyms: disagreement, disproportion, dissimiliarity, incongruity, unlikeness.

Most often used phrases:

apartheid analogy
good analogy
false analogy
watchmaker analogy
bad analogy
analogy doesn t
poor analogy
close analogy
hydraulic analogy
direct analogy
simple analogy
valid analogy
apt analogy
common analogy
analogy fails

Statistical data

"analogy" has the frequency of use of 0.0014% on city-data.com forum

"analogy" has the frequency of use of 0.0006% on en.wikipedia.org.

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