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Definition of: azimuth

(azə·məth) noun
1. Astron. The arc of the horizon that a vertical plane passing through a heavenly body makes with the meridian of the place of observation.
2. Mil. a Direction to right or left of a horizontal plane, b That element in the movement of a bomb or guided missile to the right or left of its downward course: distinguished from range. [<F azimut <Arabic assumūt the ways, plural of samt way]
(az′ə·muthəl) adjective
i·muth′al·ly adverb

PO. Observation point. A. Altitude. AW. Azimuth west. W. West. E. East. NH. North horizon. Z. Zenith. S. Star.

Most often used phrases:

azimuth angle
azimuth thrusters
azimuth thruster
azimuth elevation
ebright azimuth
azimuth direction
azimuth co ordinator
electric azimuth
solar azimuth
azimuth angles
azimuth recording
azimuth resolution
azimuth islands
azimuth degrees
magnetic azimuth

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Statistical data

"azimuth" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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