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Definition of: balk

(bôk) v.t.
1. To render unsuccessful; thwart; frustrate.
2. Obs. To heap up in ridges or balks; also, to make a balk in (land).

3. To stop short and refuse to proceed or take action.

1. That which balks or hinders; an obstacle; hindrance.
2. An error; miss; blunder.
3. A feint or false motion, as a movement of the pitcher in baseball as if to pitch the ball, or the failure of a jumper to leap after taking his run.
4. A ridge left unplowed between furrows or between plowed strips of land.
5. A squared beam or timber.
6. The space between the balk line and the cushion of a billiard table.
7. One of the stringers or joist-shaped spars placed from boat to boat, upon which the chess or flooring of a pontoon bridge is placed. Also spelled baulk. See synonyms under ERROR. [OE balca bank, ridge]

Most often used phrases:

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