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Definition of: cornice

(kôrnis) noun
1. Archit. a The horizontal molded projection at the top of a building or of a component part of a building, usually under the eaves. b The uppermost member of an entablature. See illustration under ENTABLATURE.
2. An ornamental molding around the walls of a room close to the ceiling; also, a light wooden molding around the walls of a room, gallery, etc., at a convenient height for the support of pictures by hooks.
3. A frame, upholstered or of molding, fastened to a wall or window frame so as to cover the rods and hooks used for hanging curtains, etc.
4. A mass of snow projecting from a mountain ridge.
v.t. ·niced, ·nic·ing
To provide or adorn with a cornice.
[<Ital. <L coronis <Gk. korōnis wreath, garland]


Most often used phrases:

bracketed cornice
projecting cornice
metal cornice
stone cornice
dentilled cornice
cornice line
wooden cornice
simple cornice
brick cornice
plaster cornice
modillioned cornice
molded cornice
cornice supported
decorative cornice
moulded cornice

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Statistical data

"cornice" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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