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Definition of: dissociation

(di·sō′sē·āshən, -shē·ā-) noun
1. The act of dissociating; state of separation.
2. Chem. a The resolution of a compound into simpler constituents by a change in physical state, as by heat or pressure, with recombination when the original conditions are restored. b Electrolytic dissolution.
3. Psychiatry A mental disorder in which one or several groups of ideas become split off from the main body of the personality and are not accessible to conscious control: contrasted with association.

Most often used phrases:

dissociation constant
acid dissociation
dissociation constants
dissociation curve
dissociation energy
bond dissociation
double dissociation
collision induced dissociation
dissociation energies
electron transfer dissociation
gdp dissociation
nucleotide dissociation
complete dissociation
multiphoton dissociation
trauma dissociation

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Statistical data

"dissociation" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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