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Definition of: Douglas

Capital of the Isle of Man.

Definition of: Douglas

Name of a family prominent in Scottish history; especially, Sir William the Hardy,
first Lord of Douglas, died 1298?, a follower of Wallace; his son, Sir James the Good,
1286–1330: known as Black Douglas, follower of Robert the Bruce; James,
1358–1388, second Earl of Douglas and Mar; Gawin,
1474?–1522, Scottish poet.
—Lewis Williams,

born 1894, U.S. diplomat.
—Stephen Arnold,

1813–61, U.S. senator; opposed Lincoln in a series of debates, 1858.
—William Orville,

born 1898, U.S. jurist, associate Supreme Court justice 1939–75·

Most often used phrases:

mcdonnell Douglas
Douglas macarthur
Douglas county
Douglas adams
general Douglas
Douglas fairbanks
john Douglas
Douglas earl
kirk Douglas
james Douglas
william Douglas
michael Douglas
Douglas aircraft
sir Douglas
archibald Douglas

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