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Definition of: driver

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(drīvər) noun
1. One who or that which drives; a coachman; locomotive engineer; the operator of any motor vehicle.
2. Mech. Any of various machine parts which communicate motion; especially, the driving wheel of a locomotive; also, in power transmission, any wheel which moves another, as distinguished from the follower; a driving wheel. See illustration under ECCENTRIC.
3. Naut. A four–cornered fore–and–aft sail; a spanker.
4. A wooden–headed golf club with full–length shaft, somewhat supple, for driving the greatest distances from the tee. See illustration under GOLF CLUB.
5. The overseer of a group of laborers.
6. One who works on a log drive.
7. A carriage horse.

Definition of: Driver

(drīvər), Samuel Rolles,
1846–1914, English Hebraic and Biblical scholar and critic.

Most often used phrases:

racing driver
car driver
taxi driver
truck driver
nascar driver
bus driver
racecar driver
cab driver
test driver
first driver
rally driver
device driver
race driver
driver born
drunk driver

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"driver" has the frequency of use of 0.0042% on en.wikipedia.org.

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