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Definition of: education

(ej′oobreve·kāshən) noun
1. The systematic development and cultivation of the natural powers, by inculcation, example, etc.
2. Instruction and training in an institution of learning.
3. The knowledge and skills resulting from such instruction and training.
4. Teaching as a system, science, or art; pedagogy.
5. The training of animals.
6. The culture of bees, bacteria, etc.
—Education, Office of

u·ca′tion·al adjective
u·ca′tion·al·ly adverb
u·ca′tion·ary adjective
Synonyms: breeding, cultivation, culture, development, discipline, information, instruction, knowledge, learning, nurture, reading, schooling, study, teaching, training, tuition. Education (L. educere, to lead or draw out) is the systematic development and cultivation of the mind and other natural powers. It begins in the nursery, continues through school, and also through life, whether we will or not. Instruction, the impartation of knowledge by others is but a part of education. Teaching is the more familiar and less formal word for instruction. Training refers not merely to the impartation of knowledge, but to the exercising of one in actions with the design to form habits. Discipline is systematic and rigorous training, with the idea of subjection to authority and perhaps of punishment. Tuition is the technical term for teaching as the business of an instructor or as in the routine of a school. We speak of the teaching, training, or discipline, rather than of the education or tuition of a dog or a horse. Compare KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING, NURTURE, REFINEMENT, WISDOM. Antonyms: ignorance, illiteracy. Compare synonyms for IGNORANT.

Most often used phrases:

special education
public education
education statistics
education system
basic education
continuing education
primary education
education program
education programs
health education
medical education
music education
adult education
education center
formal education

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