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Definition of: factor

(faktər) noun
1. Math. One of two or more quantities that, when multiplied together, produce a given quantity.
2. One of several elements or causes that produce a result.
3. Brit. A commission merchant; agent.
4. Scot. A bailiff or steward; also, a person legally appointed to care for forfeited property.
5. U.S. In some States, a garnishee.
6. A specialized commercial banker who finances manufacturers and dealers, accepting receivables as collateral.
7. The unit of heredity. See GENE.
8. Physiol. An element important in metabolism and nutrition, as a vitamin, enzyme, or hormone.
9. The agent controlling one of the remaining posts of the Hudson's Bay Company. See synonyms under AGENT.

1. To manage as a factor.
2. Math. To resolve into factors; factorize. [<L, maker <facere make]

Most often used phrases:

important factor
x factor
major factor
impact factor
growth factor
transcription factor
contributing factor
key factor
district factor
risk factor
significant factor
limiting factor
deciding factor
factor group
fear factor

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