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Definition of: fan

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(fan) noun
1. An implement or device for agitating the air; specifically, a light, flat implement, often collapsible, spreading a wedge-shaped sheet from a stem or point, with a stock or handle.
2. One of various implements or machines for stirring up currents of air or doing something similar.
3. A kind of basket formerly used for winnowing grain, by tossing the grain in the air.
4. A winnowing machine.
5. A small sail or vane to keep the sails of a windmill at right angles to the wind.
6. A propeller; also, one of its blades.
7. Something that excites or stimulates.
v. fanned, fan·ning v.t.

1. To move or stir (air) with or as with a fan.
2. To direct air upon; cool or refresh with or as with a fan.
3. To move or stir to action; excite, as fire or rage.
4. To winnow (grain or chaff).
5. To spread like a fan.
6. In baseball, to cause (a batter) to strike out

7. To spread out like a fan.
8. In baseball, to strike out. [OE fann <L vannus winnowing fan]
a. Folding. b. leaf. c. Collapsible.

Definition of: fan

(fan) noun Colloq.
1. An enthusiastic devotee of any sport or diversion, as of baseball or of motion pictures; a fanatic.
2. An ardent admirer, usually of a public character, writer, artist, etc. [? <the fancy (see under FANCY)]

Most often used phrases:

fan base
fan club
fan site
big fan
fan favorite
fan fiction
fan sites
huge fan
fan page
fan tutte
ge fan
fan favourite
avid fan
fan film
fan community

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Statistical data

"fan" has the frequency of use of 0.0109% on city-data.com forum

"fan" has the frequency of use of 0.0044% on en.wikipedia.org.

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