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Definition of: fast

(fast, fäst) adjective
1. Firm in place; not easily moved.
2. Firmly secured or bound.
3. Constant; steadfast.
4. Unfadable: said of colors.
5. Resistant: acid–fast.
6. Sound or deep, as sleep.
7. Acting or moving quickly; swift.
8. Performed quickly: fast work.
9. Adapted to, or suitable for, quick movement: a fast track.
10. Requiring rapidity of action or motion: a fast schedule.
11. Indicating a time in advance of the true time: The clock is fast.
12. Given to dissipation or moral laxity: fast living.
13. Phot. Intended for short exposure, as a high–velocity shutter or a highly sensitive film.

1. Firmly; fixedly; securely.
2. Soundly: fast asleep.
3. Quickly; rapidly; swiftly.
4. In quick succession: His thoughts came fast
5. Dissipatedly; recklessly: to live fast.
6. Archaic Near: fast by.

1. Something which is firm or fixed, as shore ice.
2. A mooring line. [OE fœst]

Definition of: fast

(fast, fäst) v.i.
1. To abstain from food.
2. To go without food, wholly or in part, as in observance of a religious duty.

1. Abstinence from food, partial or total, or from prescribed kinds of food, particularly as a religious duty.
2. A period prescribed for religious fasting and other observances: opposed to feast. [OE fœstan]

Most often used phrases:

fast food
fast bowler
fast track
fast forward
fast growing
fast moving
extremely fast
fast attack
fast pace
fast food chain
fast lane
fast paced
fast carrier
fast bowlers
fast company

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"fast" has the frequency of use of 0.0176% on city-data.com forum

"fast" has the frequency of use of 0.0045% on en.wikipedia.org.

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