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Definition of: fault

(fôlt) noun
1. A slight offense; failure; negligence.
2. Whatever impairs excellence; an imperfection or defect in a person or thing; failure; blemish.
3. Geol. a A dislocation of a stratum or vein of ore which breaks its continuity. b A displacement or break in the continuity of rock masses, caused by disturbances of the earth's crust and resulting in a wide variety of surface features.
4. A missing or losing of the trail or scent: said of hunting dogs.
5. Electr. A deflection or leak in a current, due to abnormal connection of circuits or defective insulation of a conductor.
6. In tennis, rackets, etc., a failure by the server to drive the ball into the proper part of his opponent's court; also, a failure by the server to have both feet on the ground behind the service line in serving: usually called foot fault.
7. Obs. Default; lack. See synonyms under BLEMISH, ERROR, OFFENSE.
—at fault

1. In the wrong.
2. Worthy of blame.
3. Off the scent.
4. Hence, at a loss; in a quandary.
—in fault
—to a fault
Exceedingly; excessively: generous to a fault.

1. Rare To find fault with; blame.
2. Geol. To cause a fault in.

3. Archaic To commit a fault; err.
4. Geol. To crack or fracture so as to produce a fault. [<OF faute, ult. <L fallere deceive]

Most often used phrases:

fault zone
andreas fault
fault line
find fault
fault lines
fault tolerance
fault system
found fault
transform fault
fault tolerant
nobody s fault
boundary fault
hayward fault
electrical fault
can t fault

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