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Definition of: filament

(filə·mənt) noun
1. A fine thread, fiber, or fibril.
2. Any threadlike structure or appendage.
3. Bot. The stalk or support of an anther.
4. Electr. The slender wire of tungsten, carbon, or other material, which, when an electric current is passed through it in a vacuum, is heated to a brilliant glow and produces light. See illustration under INCANDESCENT LAMP.
5. Electronics A similar wire, forming the cathode of a vacuum tube, from which electrons are emitted under the action of heat.
6. Ornithol. The barb of a feather. [<F <LL filamentum <filare spin <filum a thread]

Most often used phrases:

tungsten filament
intermediate filament
actin filament
heater filament
thin filament
filament winding
filament lamps
hot filament
filament proteins
metal filament
filament lamp
continuous filament
bulb filament
sliding filament
single filament

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Statistical data

"filament" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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