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Definition of: fluctuate

(flukchoomacr·āt) v. ·at·ed, ·at·ing v.i.
1. To change or vary often and in an irregular manner; waver; be unsteady.
2. To move with successive rise and fall; undulate.

3. To cause to fluctuate. [<L fluctuatus, pp. of fluctuare wave <fluctus a wave <fluere flow]
tu·a·bil′i·ty noun
Synonyms: hesitate, oscillate, swerve, undulate, vacillate, vary, veer, waver. To fluctuate is to move like a wave with alternate rise and fall. A pendulum oscillates; waves fluctuate or undulate; a light or a flame wavers; a frightened steed swerves from his course; a tool or weapon swerves from the mark or line; the temperature varies; the wind veers when it suddenly changes its direction. That which veers may steadily hold the new direction; that which oscillates, fluctuates, undulates, or wavers returns upon its way. As regards mental states, he who hesitates sticks (L haerere) on the verge of decision; he who wavers does not stick to a decision; he who vacillates decides now one way, and now another; one vacillates between contrasted decisions or actions; he may waver between decision and indecision, or between action and inaction. Persons hesitate, vacillate, waver; feelings fluctuate or vary. Compare SHAKE. Antonyms: abide, adhere, persist.

Most often used phrases:

fluctuate greatly
numbers fluctuate
prices fluctuate
fluctuate depending
fluctuate wildly
water level fluctuate
fluctuate widely
fluctuate according to
levels fluctuate
temperatures fluctuate
rates fluctuate
populations fluctuate
fluctuate seasonally
fluctuate significantly
fluctuate based

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Statistical data

"fluctuate" has the frequency of use of 0.0002% on city-data.com forum

"fluctuate" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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