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(frog, frôg) noun
1. One of a genus (Rana) of small, tailless, amphibious, web–footed animals; especially, the North American bullfrog (R. catesbina), the leopard frog (R. pipiens), and the green edible European frog (R. esculenta). Frogs are distinguished from the toads in having smooth skin, webbed feet, and greater leaping and swimming powers.
2. Any of several arboreal frogs (family Ranidae), as the tree frog, flying frog.
3. The triangular prominence in the sole of a horse's foot.
4. A section of a railway track where one rail crosses or diverges from another.
5. A metal device used to stop the action in a power loom when the warp becomes entangled with the shuttle.
6. A small bundle of certain types of Cuban, Puerto Rican, or other imported tobaccos, having a V–shaped notch at the ends where the heaviest part of the stems has been removed.
7. An ornamental fastening on a cloak or a coat.
8. The loop of a scabbard.
9. Slang A Frenchman: a derogatory term.
—a frog in one's throat
A slight laryngeal hoarseness.
v.i. frogged, frog·ging
To hunt frogs.
[OE frogga]

Most often used phrases:

frog species
frog rana
crazy frog
leopard frog
frog prince
dart frog
poison frog
bell frog
green frog
frog legs
chorus frog
true frog
frog found
red legged frog
common frog

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"frog" has the frequency of use of 0.0005% on city-data.com forum

"frog" has the frequency of use of 0.0011% on en.wikipedia.org.

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