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Definition of: hyacinth

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(hīə·sinth) noun
1. A bulbous plant of the lily family (genus Hyacinthus) cultivated for its spikelike cluster of flowers.
2. The bulb or flower of this plant.
3. A gem, anciently bluish–violet, probably the sapphire, now a brownish, reddish, or orange zircon.
4. A plant frequently alluded to by the Greek poets, fabled to have sprung from the blood of Hyacinthus, beloved of Apollo, and to have borne on its petals the words of grief, Ai, Ai: sometimes identified as the iris, larkspur, or gladiolus. [Var. of older jacynth <OF jacincte <L hyacinthus <Gk. hyakinthos. Doublet of JACINTH.]
hyacinthHYACINTH (def. 1)

Most often used phrases:

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