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Definition of: larynx

(laringks) noun plural la·ryn·ges (lə·rinjēz) or lar·ynx·es Anat.
The organ of voice in mammals and most other vertebrates, situated at the upper part of the trachea, consisting of a cartilaginous box across which are stretched the vocal cords whose vibrations produce sound. [<Gk. larynx, laryngos the larynx]
Left: front view.
a. Hyoid bone.
b. Thyrohyoid ligament.
c. Thyroid cartilage.
d. Cricothyroid ligament.
e. Cricoid cartilage.
Right: side view.
f. Epiglottis.
g. Thyrohyoid membrane.
h. Vocal chord.
i. Vocal chord.
j. Laryngeal ventricle.
k. Trachea.

Most often used phrases:

pharynx larynx
larynx voice
larynx trachea
larynx cancer
mechanical larynx
human larynx
larynx viewed
descended larynx
artificial larynx
larynx removed
mammalian larynx
larynx lateral
larynx also
larynx showing
larynx pharynx

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