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Definition of: mix

(miks) v. mixed or mixt, mix·ing v.t.
1. To put together in one mass or compound; blend.
2. To make by combining ingredients: to mix dough.
3. To combine or join: to mix business with pleasure.
4. To cause to associate or mingle: to mix social classes together.
5. To crossbreed.

6. To be mixed or blended.
7. To associate; get along.
8. To take part; become involved.
—to mix up

1. To blend thoroughly.
2. To confuse; bewilder.
3. To implicate or involve.

1. The act or effect of mixing.
2. A mixture, expecially a commercial mixture of prepared ingredients: a cake mix.
3. A proportion, as of things that make up a mixture; specifically, the proportion of certain substances or raw materials before their subjection to a fabricating or manufacturing process: a mix of cement.
3. Telecom. The correct blending of the sound input of two or more microphones.
4. A combination of various elements; mixture: a movie providing a heady mix of violence, sex, and glamour. [Back formation <MIXED]
—mix′a·ble, mix′i·ble
Synonyms (verb): amalgamate, associate, blend, combine, commingle, commix, compound, confuse, fuse, incorporate, join, meddle, mingle, unite. Compare COMPLEX, HETEROGENEOUS.

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