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Definition of: above

(ə·buv) adverb
1. Vertically up or in a higher place; overhead; on the upper side.
2. Superior in rank or position.
3. In a previous or an earlier place: in the paragraph above.
4. In heaven.
adjective Given, said, placed, etc., in what is above; preceding.
noun That which precedes or is just before; something above.
1. Vertically over; higher than; rising beyond: books piled above one another; mountains towering above the plain.
2. Geog. Farther north than: above the fortieth parallel.
3. Exceeding a specific period; more than: a show lasting above three hours.
4. More than; in excess of: He ran above 500 yards.
5. Surpassing in volume, clearness, or intensity: a voice heard above the din.
6. Surpassing in authority, quality, or power: a moral law above the civil law.
6. Beyond the reach or influence of: conduct above suspicion. [OE abufen]
Above may appear as a combining form in open, hyphenated, or closed two-word phrases:

above allabove measure
above deckabove-named

Synonyms (prep.): on, over, upon. Above is the most inclusive of these prepositions. It can ordinarily be substituted for on, upon, or over; as, the boards were piled one on or upon another (one above another), the hawk flies over the wood (above the wood). But it will be seen that while above is more inclusive it is less definite; the boards laid one on another are in contact, but when laid one above another, they may not touch. Over often contains an intimation of extension or motion across, while above may simply imply greater elevation. If we say. the mountain towers above the plain, we think only of its height; but if we say, the mountain towers over the plain, we think of the plain as in the shadow of the mountain and dominated by it. So we say the mountain is 7,000 feet above the sea, where it would be impossible to say 7,000 feet over the sea. Upon is practically identical with on, preference being generally for euphonic reasons. Antonyms: see BENEATH.

Most often used phrases:

above discussion
the above
above sea level
mentioned above
category above
categories above
listed above
noted above
comments above
stated above
comment above
meters above
above ground
feet above
metres above

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