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Definition of: bluff

(bluf) v.t.
1. To fool or deceive by putting on a bold front.
2. To frighten with empty threats.
3. In poker, to attempt to deceive (an opponent) by betting heavily on a poor hand.

4. To pretend to knowledge, ability, strength, etc., which one does not have.
—to bluff one's way
To obtain (an object) by bluffing.

1. Bold speech or manner intended to overawe, impress, or deceive.
2. Pretense; deceit.
3. A pretender. [? <Du. bluffen deceive, mislead]

Definition of: bluff

(bluf) noun
A bold, steep headland; a steep bank.
1. Blunt, frank, and hearty; rude or abrupt, but kindly.
2. Presenting an upright, broad, flattened front: said of a ship's bows or a water frontage. [? <Du. blaf flat, as in blaf aensicht broad flatface]
Synonyms (adj.): abrupt, blunt, blustering, bold, brusk, coarse, discourteous, frank, impolite, inconsiderate, open, plain-spoken, rough, rude, uncivil, unmannerly. Bluff is a word of good meaning, as are frank and open. The bluff man talks and laughs loudly and freely, with no thought of annoying or giving pain to others. The blunt man often says things which he is perfectly aware are disagreeable, either from a defiant indifference to others' feelings, or from the pleasure of tormenting; blunt, in this use, is allied in meaning with impolite, inconsiderate, rough, rude, uncivil, and unmannerly. Compare BLUNT, CANDID. Antonyms: bland, courteous, genial, polished, polite, refined, reserved, urbane.

Most often used phrases:

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"bluff" has the frequency of use of 0.0006% on en.wikipedia.org.

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