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Definition of: bolt

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(bōlt) noun
1. A sliding bar or piece for fastening a door, etc.
2. A pin or rod used for holding anything in its place.
3. An arrow.
4. A long cylindrical shot for a cannon, or the like.
5. Anything coming suddenly; as, a thunderbolt.
6. A refusal to support a party, candidate, or policy.
7. A sudden start, departure, or spring.
8. A roll of cloth containing a certain number of yards, usually 30 or 40; also, a roll of wallpaper.
9. Obs. A shackle. See synonyms under LOCK.
—a bolt from the blue
A sudden and wholly unexpected event.
—to shoot one's bolt
To do one's utmost; perform at the top of one's ability.

1. To move, go, or spring suddenly: usually with out or from: He bolted from the room.
2. To start suddenly; break from control and run away.
3. U.S. To break away, as from a political party; refuse to support party policy.

4. To fasten with or as with bolts.
5. U.S. To break away from, as a political party.
6. To chew and swallow hurriedly; gulp, as food.
7. To arrange or roll into bolts, as cloth.
8. To blurt out; say impulsively or hastily.
adverb Like an arrow; swiftly; straight.
[OE bolt an arrow for a crossbow, the bolt of a door]

Definition of: bolt

(bōlt) noun
A rotating cylindrical or prismoidal frame, covered with silk or the like with very regular meshes, for sifting flour.
1. To sift; pass through a sieve.
2. To examine as by sifting. [<OF bulter, buleter sift <burete, dim. of bure coarse cloth]

Most often used phrases:

lightning bolt
bolt action
black bolt
usain bolt
bolt carrier
open bolt
bolt thrower
bolt head
robert bolt
bolt handle
closed bolt
rotating bolt
bolt beranek
bolt pattern
andrew bolt

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"bolt" has the frequency of use of 0.0006% on en.wikipedia.org.

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