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Definition of: brutish

(broomacrtish) adjective
1. Pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling brutes.
2. Stupid; irrational; sensual; gross.
—brut′ish·ness, brut′ism
Synonyms: animal, base, beastly, bestial, brutal, brute, carnal, coarse, ignorant, imbruted, insensible, lascivious, sensual, sottish, stolid, stupid, swinish, unintellectual, unspiritual, vile. A brutish man simply follows his animal instincts, without special inclination to do harm; the brutal have always a spirit of malice and cruelty. Brute or animal simply indicates what a brute or an animal might possess; animal leans more to the side of sensuality, brute to that of force, as appears in the familiar phrase “brute force.” Hunger is an animal appetite; a brute impulse may prompt one to strike a blow in anger. Bestial implies an intensified and degrading animalism. Beastly refers largely to the outward and visible consequences of excess; as, beastly drunkenness. Compare ANIMAL. Antonyms: elevated, enlightened, exalted, grand, great, humane, intellectual, intelligent, noble, refined, spiritual.

Most often used phrases:

nasty brutish
brutish man
brutish monster
brutish manner
brutish mine
brutish nature
large brutish
brutish male
brutish non religious
primitive brutish
brutish exterior
brutish behaviour
brutish behavior
brutish beasts
brutish creatures

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