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Definition of: grand

(grand) adjective
1. Of imposing character or aspect; magnificent in proportion, extent, or belongings: grand scenery.
2. Characterized by striking excellence or impressive dignity; inspiring: a grand oration.
3. Preeminent by reason of great ability or high character; noble; worthy of exalted respect: the grand old man.
4. Preeminent in rank or order; also, of prime importance; principal: a grand climax.
5. Covering the whole field, or including all details; comprehensive; complete: the grand total.
6. Music Containing all the parts or movements that belong to a given style of composition.
7. Being one degree of relationship more distant than that ordinarily indicated by the word qualified: used in composition: grandfather, granduncle, granddaughter, grandniece.
8. Main; leading: the grand hall.
noun U.S. Slang One thousand dollars.
[<OF <L grandis]
Synonyms (adj.): august, dignified, elevated, exalted, great, illustrious, imposing, impressive, lofty, magnificent, majestic, stately, sublime. Aside from material dimensions, great is said of that which is more than ordinarily powerful and influential, grand of that which is worthily so; a great victory may be simply an overwhelming triumph of might over right. We can speak of a great bad man, but not of a grand bad man; of a great, but not of a grand, tyrant. Compare AWFUL, IMPERIAL, LARGE, SUBLIME.

Most often used phrases:

grand final
grand slam
grand cross
grand master
grand national
grand prize
grand central
grand lodge
grand theft
le grand
grand trunk
grand opening
grand total
grand vizier
knight grand

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"grand" has the frequency of use of 0.0095% on city-data.com forum

"grand" has the frequency of use of 0.0081% on en.wikipedia.org.

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