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Definition of: cadence

(kādns) noun
1. Rhythmic or measured flow or movement, as in poetry, music, oratory.
2. Mil. Uniform pace and time in marching expressed in so many steps to the minute; measure; beat.
3. Modulation, as of the voice or of elemental sounds; also, a fall of the voice, as at a period.
4. Intonation or inflection of the speaking voice as distinctive of a language or locality.
5. Music a A succession of chords naturally closing a musical phrase or period: the perfect, complete, or whole cadence, proper at the end of a movement; the imperfect or half cadence, often a reversal of the dominant perfect. b A cadenza. See synonyms under TUNE. [<F <Ital. cadenza <LL cadentia a falling <cadere fall. Doublet of CHANCE, CADENZA.]

Most often used phrases:

cadence design
cadence records
cadence weapon
cadence jazz
authentic cadence
drum cadence
cadence magazine
final cadence
plagal cadence
andalusian cadence
perfect cadence
military cadence
half cadence
cadence industries
deceptive cadence

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"cadence" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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