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Definition of: confession

(kən·feshən) noun
1. The act of confessing; the avowal or acknowledgment of an action, especially of one that is inculpatory or sinful; admission: a confession of crime.
2. An acknowledgment of belief (in another); recognition of a relation (to another): confession of Christ.
3. Law A voluntary declaration or acknowledgment by a party against whom some misdeed or default is alleged in respect of such allegation.
4. A formulary of faith: also called confession of faith.
5. A formulary of public worship embodying a general admission of common sinfulness, used in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and other liturgies.
6. The contrite acknowledgment to a priest of any sins committed: a part of the sacrament of penance and a condition of absolution: called in full sacramental or auricular confession.
7. An organization, as a church or communion, using a confession of faith.
8. The tomb of a martyred Christian; also, an altar over such a tomb or the basilica in which the altar stood; an altar–tomb confessionary. See synonyms under APOLOGY.

Most often used phrases:

augsburg confession
westminster confession
false confession
full confession
public confession
confession room
belgic confession
confession out of
deathbed confession
baptist confession
written confession
private confession
helvetic confession
lutheran confession
thirteenth confession

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