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Definition of: confraternity

(kon′frə·tûrnə·tē) noun plural ·ties
1. An association, brotherhood, or society of men united for a common object or purpose, especially in some profession; any body or class of men.
2. Specifically, a religious association in the Roman Catholic Church, usually of laymen, for some devotional, charitable, or educational object: called archconfraternity when composed of affiliated bodies. [<Med. L confraternitas, -tatis <LL com- with + fraternitas brotherhood]

Most often used phrases:

religious confraternity
royal confraternity
confraternity bible
rosary confraternity
confraternity book
confraternity members
vikings confraternity
new confraternity
zape confraternity
confraternity dedicated
confraternity devoted
a la confraternity
local confraternity
confraternity called
confraternity shield

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Statistical data

"confraternity" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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