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Definition of: course

(kôrs, kōrs) noun
1. The act of moving onward; career.
2. The way passed over, or the direction taken.
3. A series of connected motions, acts, or events; customary sequence.
4. Line of conduct; manner of procedure; behavior.
5. The portion of a meal served at one time.
6. A row or layer.
7. plural The menses.
8. Naut. a A sail bent to the lower yard of any square–rigged mast. b A point of the compass.
9. A charge or bout in a tournament.
10. A continuous horizontal range, as of stones in a wall.
11. Mining a An influx of water from one direction. b The direction of a lode or adit, c A corridor; passageway; the direction in which a mine is being worked.
12. Music A series of strings of uniform tone; also, a bell's chime.
13. A definite period of instruction and study in a certain subject: a course in French.
14. A series of studies undertaken to earn a degree: a college course.
15. In golf, links.
16. Race-course. See synonyms under CAREER, DIRECTION, WAY.
—of course
As one might expect; naturally.
v. coursed, cours·ing v.t.

1. To hunt or pursue with hounds, as hares; chase.
2. To chase after; pursue.
3. To cause to run; urge to speed: to course horses.
4. To run through or over; traverse swiftly.

5. To move swiftly; race.
6. To take a direction; follow a course.
7. To pursue game with hounds.
8. Obs. To engage in a hunt or joust. ♦ Homophone: coarse. [<OF cours <L cursus a running <currere run]

Most often used phrases:

golf course
race course
due course
short course
training course
course page
main course
course record
long course
road course
new course
obstacle course
course work
first course
degree course

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"course" has the frequency of use of 0.0104% on en.wikipedia.org.

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