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Definition of: chase

(chās) v. chased, chas·ing v.t.
1. To pursue with intent to catch, capture, or molest.
2. To drive away; dispel: often with away, out or off.
3. To hunt, as deer.
4. To drive by pursuing: He chased the hens into the coop.

5. To follow in pursuit.
6. Colloq. To rush; go hurriedly.

1. Earnest pursuit; also, that which is pursued; the prey or quarry.
2. The practice of hunting.
3. Archaic The right to hunt on a certain tract.
4. Hunters collectively; the hunt.
5. Brit. A private game preserve.
6. In court tennis, a scoring stroke, as when the ball bounces a second time in certain parts of the court. Also spelledchace. [<OF chacier <LL captiare, freq. of capere take, hold. Doublet of CATCH.]

Definition of: chase

(chās) noun
1. Printing A strong rectangular metal frame into which pages of type are fastened for printing.
2. The part of a cannon between the trunnions and the swell of the muzzle.
3. A groove or slot: the chase of a water wheel.
4. A longitudinal groove for a tenon or tongue; a form of rabbet.
5. The circular trough of a cider mill, where the apples are crushed by the runner.
v.t. chased, chas·ing To ornament by indenting; also, to form by embossing, indenting, etc.: to chase silverware.
[<F châsse, chas <OF chasse <L capsa box]


chaseCHASE2 (n. def. 1)

Definition of: Chase

(chās), Mary Ellen,
born 1887, U.S. educator and author.
—Salmon Portland,

1808–73, U.S. lawyer; chief justice of the United States 1864–73.

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