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Definition of: Mary

A feminine personal name. Also Polish Mar·ya (märyä). See also MARIA. [<Hebrew, bitter]

The mother of Jesus: also Virgin Mary.

The sister of Lazarus and Martha.
—Mary I,

1516–58, queen of England, 1553–1558: known as Mary Tudor or Bloody Mary.
—Mary II,

1662–94, queen of England 1689–1694, ruling jointly with her husband, William III.
—Mary Magdalene

A disciple from Magdala out of whom Jesus cast seven devils. Luke viii 2. She is often identified with the penitent sinner whom Jesus forgave. Luke vii 36–50.
—Mary Queen of Scots,

1542–87, queen of Scotland 1542–67; beheaded: also Mary Stuart.

Most often used phrases:

st Mary
Mary ann
married Mary
wife Mary
queen Mary
Mary queen
Mary magdalene
sister Mary
Mary elizabeth
saint Mary
lady Mary
Mary anne
william Mary
daughter Mary
mother Mary

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"Mary" has the frequency of use of 0.0095% on en.wikipedia.org.

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